Spa Medical Jm

Spa Medical Jm

Spa Medical Jm

Plastic Surgery Recovery Home

Your recovery is in our hands

Why Choose Spa Medical JM?

We are a recovery house where we are committed to your health and efficiently we have a staff fully prepared and committed to your recovery, among them we have: doctors, nurses, recovery therapies, among others.

We expedite your full recovery.

Comfortable Rooms

Our rooms offer you comfort and peace during your recovery. Designed with your well-being in mind, they have all the necessary amenities to make you feel relaxed and cared for. Orthopedic beds, private bathroom, hot water service, private rooms, wifi, TV, system connected to the WhatsApp of the company, personalized service.

cuidado médico

24/7 Medical Care

Our highly trained medical team is available at all times to provide you with personalized attention and respond to your medical needs during your recovery process. We take care of your medication and your doctor appointments, until your process is completed.

All Meals

We provide a balanced diet according to your post surgical process and medical prescription. We have a menu of Dominican meals rich to your palate.

About Us

Spa Medical JM we make your post-surgical process a family experience where you will feel at home.

We are a specialized center exclusively in post-surgical treatments. We give service and care to our customers, providing comfort, security and above all exclusivity. We provide a personalized service in the postoperative treatment of plastic surgery, offering patients a professional treatment, all with the most advanced technology in this market.

Our highly trained staff tends to all needs.

Services We Offer

Experience a comprehensive and comfortable recovery with our services, including:

Comfortable Room

Private and orthopedic bathroom
TV Cable
Hot Water
Air Conditioning or Fan

Laundry Service

Garantizamos la higiene en la ropa de cama, fajas de postoperatorio, medias de comprensión y en su higiene íntima.

Call System for Assistance

Our WhatsApp works 24/7 for our patients.

All Meals


Private 24/7 Security

We have our own private power plant power system.


24/7 wifi, cable and Smart TV service.

Private 24/7 Security

Our intelligent security service is 24/7


24/7 Medical Attention
24/7 Nursing Care

Spa Medical Jm

Our commitment

is to make your recovery easier, offering a safe and comfortable environment.

Our rooms

Important: Check-out time for the Recovery is at 10 am.
If you check out after that time, you will be charged for a full day.

Shared Private Executive Room

Shared room per day, per person

This room is only for patients with a companion Reservation

Private Executive Room

Private room per day

Private Junior Room

Private room per day

Other Additional Services


Full transportation

It includes:

  • Pick up the patient at the airport when arrives
  • Take you back airport when you leave
  • Pre-surgical appointment ( first visit to Dr.)
  • Admission to the clinic on the day of surgery
  • Pick you up on discharge day
  • 5 Post Surgical appointments with Dr.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

It includes:

  • Package Includes: 10 lymphatic massages with ultrasound

Contact Us

If you are interested in our services, please provide us with the following information:


Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Saturday: 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

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